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Terms of Use: The I Will Projects

Thank you for your purchase! Please review these TERMS OF USE for The I Will Projects educational materials and resources.

The information and materials you have purchased, including any data, text, photographs, graphics, images, music, audio and video clips, logos, icons, software and links (collectively, the “Educational Resources”) are intended to educate and inform you and students/youth aged 3rd grade up through high school.

By purchasing our educational resources you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years old. You acknowledge that the contents are the property of The I Will Projects nonprofit and their Indoor Farming Innovation Zone (IFIZ) program. This resource is licensed to you for classroom and personal use only as a single user. The I Will Project retains the copyright and reserves the right to these educational resources. We may change the educational features at any time, in any way, for any or no reason. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by using the educational resources.

The Original Purchaser MAY:

  1. Make copies for the purchaser’s classroom, including homeschooling, tutoring sessions and afterschool programs or clubs.
  2. Send home hard copies with students/youth, and or email a link to a digital copy to students/youth’s parents or guardians as needed.
  3. Post on a password protected digital site for students/youth to access.
  4. Make ONE copy for backup purposes, but not with the intent to distribute.
  5. Reference (without distribution) these educational materials in a blog post, at professional development seminars or other such venues, provided there is both credit given to The I Will Projects and IFIZ, and link back to The I Will Projects’ website, www.theiwillprojects.com

The Original Purchaser MAY NOT:

  1. Claim these education materials as your own, alter the digital file or the hard copies in any way, or remove or attempt to remove the copyright.
  2. Share these education materials (part of it or its entirety) with other educators outside of your school, agency, club or organization.
  3. Repackage, sell or give away these education materials (part of it or it’s entirety).
  4. Use on commercial websites like Teacherspayteachers or Outschool.
  5. Making copies or modifying purchased educational materials to share with others outside of your students/youth and their families is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the Terms of Use along with copyright law.

By checking the box, I agree to the Terms of Use listed above.


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