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The I Will Projects

Who Are We?

Join us in a mission to create a more just, sustainable world by supporting IFIZ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with others to provide educational, creative, and affordable outcomes that address universal needs.

Our Strategies

Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable food system that not only feeds individuals but also supports the health of the planet and all its habitats.

The Story

The I Will Projects, established in 2010, is a non-profit organization founded by Alice Hill.

Our Impact

You Can Help Make A Difference

Who We Are

Our Impact

Why Donate

Our team has a variety of talents and interests to meet the mission and vision. A mix of educators, designers, writers, technicians and other professionals contribute to The I Will Projects' success.

Our aim is to introduce people of all ages to the indoor method of growing healthy produce year around known as aquaponics. Aquaponic systems use live fish and their waste as fertilizer to grow fruits, leafy vegetables and herbs in a natural way. This method supplements traditional gardening & farming. 

When you invest in IFIZ, you are investing in a sustainable future. We are committed to building a world where every person has access to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced in an environmentally responsible manner. We invite individuals, organizations, and corporations to join us.


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