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Access to healthy, fresh food is a systemic issue that affects marginalized communities worldwide. Additionally, the destruction of habitats and ecosystems is accelerating at an alarming rate, threatening the planet's health and the future of all life on earth.

IFIZ is an organization that offers aquaponic education solutions that promote food justice and regenerative ecosystems. We focus on teaching individuals and communities how to grow their own food sustainably through aquaponic systems. By empowering people to grow their own food, we can create a more just and sustainable world.

Our aquaponic education programs aim to provide communities with the skills and knowledge needed to grow healthy, fresh food for themselves and their communities. By teaching sustainable farming practices, we also help to support the health of the planet and all its habitats. Additionally, we are partnering with RM SER, another organization that runs food pantries based on Food Is Medicine. IFIZ will be building two systems to provide fresh nutritious foods to the pantries which serve marginalized communities.

Join us in our mission to create a more just, sustainable world by supporting IFIZ. Whether through donations, partnerships, or volunteerism, your contribution will make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities worldwide. Let's work together to create a better future for all.

A Success Story

The I Will Projects partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Pueblo County to offer S.T.E.A.M. enrichment at clubhouses in southern Colorado. A large grant awarded by NASA provided 150 youth participants with their own aquaponics grow kit, live fish and 6 weeks of live and virtual instruction from IFIZ educators.

A Living, Green Exhibit Spurs Creativity

The I Will Projects built a successful collaboration with a county facility to install a 250 gallon tank and grow beds indoors in 2021. The Aquaponics@Buell exhibit is an attractive and popular spot for kids and adults, showcasing beautiful koi and vibrant grow beds of peppers, strawberries, herbs, lettuces and decorative plants. Tours are offered for school class visits, and an immersive 5-week afterschool program teaches youth using a STEAM focus.

Aquaponics: A perfect STEM connection

A forward-thinking campus in southern Colorado focuses on STEM education, and IFIZ provided a custom-built aquaponic system in the engineering classroom. IFIZ System Innovator Natel Miller led students to construct and maintain a large fish tank and grow beds that produce leafy greens and more. All ages of students engage with the unit, and brainstorm ideas for 3D printing, lighting and new crops.

K-5th Graders Grow Food

Is the site of our first school-based aquaponics system, custom built and operating since 2021. The K-5th grade school provides an engaging learning environment that ignites students’ interest and propels achievement. The scholars are excited to interact with the 100 gal. set-up that includes a large tank, plant bed and vertical grow tower, on display in the cafeteria.

Exhibit Educates Customers

Is a retail floral and garden business established in 1956 by brothers Fred & Jim. Zachary Stanifer is the present owner and general manager, and is a great asset on The I Will Projects Board of Directors. He generously offered 12x12 of floor space in his northside greenhouse to build our IFIZ custom aquaponics system. Construction began in December 2020, and the complete system of fish and plants were functioning 4 months later. During opened hours, the general public and kids in the youth program enjoy free tours and learn about the benefits of this growing method.

Clubhouse Members Learn and Experiment

Proven youth development strategy has been the solution for children and teens in need. The I Will Project's successful afterschool and summer enrichment programs on aquaponics (IFIZ) began locally at one clubhouse, and was expanded with substantial 2021 grant funding from NASA to 10 sites a year later! Over 150 members in four southern Colorado counties experienced the 6-week STEM program on growing plants and fish together, interacted with a scientist from Kennedy Space Center, and brainstormed about their future careers. Each received an individual tabletop grow system mini-tank to take home. In 2022, this outreach continues in Pueblo with other funding to create a fun, positive learning environment for 4th-12th grade members.


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