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Aquaponics Activity Guide for Youth Learners (4th-8th grade level)


This workbook provides information, step-by-step lessons, experiments, and fill-in-the-blank worksheets that teach the principles of aquaponics, fish care, plant growth, and environmental stewardship. Perfect for classrooms, after-school programs, and homeschooling settings, our Aquaponics Activity Guide offers STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) focused, hands-on learning. Users will gain a deeper understanding of sustainable living practices, and build their science knowledge. This is a digital product, available as a printable download. Full-color, 26 pages.

The I Will Project’s Aquaponics Activity Guide is your ultimate tool for hands-on, engaging learning about sustainable indoor gardening using a tabletop fish tank/grow system. (sold separately). 

Designed for upper elementary and middle school students (approximate ages 9-14 years), this workbook, created by the Indoor Farming Innovation Zone (IFIZ) team of educators, will take your learners on a journey through the innovative world of aquaponics – where fish and plants work together to create a thriving ecosystem that can produce healthy greens to eat!



Purpose of Profits from Aquaponics Activity Guide Sales

The profits generated from the sales of the Aquaponics Activity Guide will be used to sustain and expand our educational program offerings. Specifically, these funds will help us to:

1. Develop new educational resources and guides.

2. Increase outreach and engagement with schools and community organizations.

3. Support workshops and training sessions for teachers and students.

4. Enhance our online platforms and tools for better accessibility and user experience.

By reinvesting the profits into our programs, we aim to expand our reach and impact, promoting sustainable living practices and environmental stewardship among a broader audience.


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